Receiving an unbiased deep dive into your podcast production, sound quality and marketing may just be your missing step to taking your podcast to that next level. Get even better remote recording quality from home or your studio!


We’re highly qualified audio and podcast specialists

Tim is the founder of ScrubCast. ScrubCast has been editing and polishing up podcast episodes for many years. Tim works with podcasters to help improve all aspects of their show, from pre-production right the way through to post and marketing. The Podcast Audit Guys service was born out of this desire to help podcasters improve and up their game.

Dave is an audio wizard and genius. He has won multiple awards for his role in music and sound design features including being nominated for his Outstanding Achievement in Sound at the recent 2019 NYC Webfest. Dave has an incredible ear and scientific understanding of audio and can very quickly help get the most out of room acoustics and equipment.

I’ve produced my podcast for 5 years now, working with Tim and Dave helped take my show to the next level. I’ve gone through major production milestones in regards to processes, studio and equipment overhauls. They’ve been invaluable by providing input and suggestions over the years. My podcast is better off because of this and would recommend them for you.


John Siracusa
Bank on It Podcast


You don’t know what you don’t know
All too often we get stuck into the details of running a podcast from organising guests, sponsorships, editing to social posting etc.  We can often miss the fundamentals when it comes to drastically improving audio quality (especially with home recording), growing our reach and ensuring we’re taking the pain out of unnecessary technical issues by leveraging automation.

Home & Studio Audio Improvement

You’ve got the gear, get the most out of it.
We’ll find the weakness in the chain. We will help you get studio-quality from home!

Better Reach

Let’s ensure you are getting the most out of your podcast syndication channels and look at ways to improve your reach.

Pre and Post Production Easing

Let’s assess your process flows to ensure you are leveraging automation on both the pre-production phase including your post-production activities.  Get more done in less time.



Often we need some perspective and a sanity check to what we are doing. We aim to ofter that in our podcast audit process.

How Does It Work?

Book your podcast audit slot now…

Receiving an objective overview of your podcast production, sound quality and marketing may just be your missing step to take your podcast onto that next level.


Pay & Book Your Audit

Using the date selector below, pay and book your online meeting with Tim and Dave.


Virtual Meeting with Tim & Dave

We will do our analysis into your show before our scheduled call.  During our call, we will discuss our findings and work with you to understand areas of improvement.


Feedback & Implementation

We will give you a report highlighting our final thoughts and analysis around your show.  We’ll also be on hand to help you where we can to implement any changes.


How Long Does Your Podcast Audit Take?


Setting up our call is quick and easy.  You can do that below with our automated system.


We will remind you of our meeting beforehand.  You will have an hour with Tim and Dave once on the call where we will discuss your podcast show and help address areas of improvement etc

Post Meeting:

We will help with any followup questions post-meeting should you have any.

What Happens After I Book?

  1. You will get an e-mail confirmation, receipt and calendar invite to our scheduled meeting.
  2. We will start preparing for our first meeting by analysing your podcast feed etc and come into our meeting with a solid understanding and basis for discussion.

Is my payment safe and secure?

Absolutely, we are a UK registered company (Company Registration No.: 06245868) out of the UK and use Stripe payment gateway to process payments.  All data is secure via SSL encryption.

Are spaces limitied?

We run on a first come first serve basis and places are limited due to our capacity to deliver a quality service.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes… If we meet with you and provide our thoughts and analysis and you are not happy,  we will be happy to refund you 50% of the fee paid within the first 14 days after our initial meeting.


We’re here to help, let’s stay in touch

If we can help in any way, please let us know here.  If you have questions around booking your podcast audit, then fill in the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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