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Many customers do not know how to choose when looking for a PCBA processing factory. There are too many PCBA processing plants, and on the surface it seems that there is not much difference. So how can we find a suitable PCBA processing factory? It
In the welding process of SMT chip processing, short circuit is a common processing situation. In order to achieve good results, the short circuit problem must be solved. If there is a short circuit on the PCBA circuit board, it must not be used. There ar
In the production process of PCBA processing aluminum substrates, in order to ensure a good application effect, manual soldering tin wires are usually used. So, what problems should be paid attention to in PCBA processing aluminum substrate manual solderi
What does PCBA OEM mean? PCBA foundry materials are generally understood from two levels: the narrow sense of PCBA foundry materials refers to the provision of PCB boards, electronic components procurement and PCBA processing services. In a broad sense, P
What are the benefits of PCBA proofing for the entire production? First of all, one of the benefits of PCBA process proofing is to improve productivity. Whether it is outsourced production and processing of PCBA processing process boards or the com
Before mass production, many electronics companies will conduct PCBA proofing. Customers place orders in the PCBA factory according to their own needs, and put forward relevant requirements to the manufacturers. As a pcba manufacturer, it will also be eva
PCBA is the art of PCB circuit boards, such as PCB circuit board manufacturing, component procurement and inspection, SMT patch processing, plug-in processing, program burning, testing, aging, etc. The PCBA processing process involves many links. In order
一、框架和鋼網的尺寸   在PCBA一站式服務之前,為了使印刷越發完備和符合,須要定制安排的鋼網。鋼網最要害的是鋼網的尺寸和框架。鋼網沿用ab膠和尼龍網紗的拉伸辦法,必需在鋁框和膠水的接縫處平均地刮一層養護漆(s224)。為保護鋼網有充滿的張力(規則大于35n/cm,普遍訴求30~50n/cm)和杰出的平坦度,訴……
PCBA加工廠-深圳雷卡仕精密制造在珠三角地區擁有專業的團隊和強大的供應鏈體系,每年為數百家客戶提供bom改進、元器件更換選擇、全bom材料。解決方案,專業質檢部門嚴格把控每一件來料,避免因自購材料質量故障而引發的一系列問題。經驗豐富的采購團隊和bom工程師熟悉各大供應商及其產品特性和工藝流程,為您挑選高性價比的原件,為您提供有效的PCBA代工代料解決方案。從而為客戶的PCBA代工代料研發打樣、中小批量PCBA代工代料產品的交付提供有力保障。 一、PCBA加工元器件的采購渠道 雷卡仕與國內外多
SMT代工廠貼片當場工藝構造該當是適合PCBA高效消費的中心看法的,百般共同行云清流,維持莫大合生化,在無序的基礎下做到高功效的SMT代工。這個SMT代工場的構造又該當如何去做呢?底下給您分析一下。 物流道路要盡大概短,以提消費和處置的功效。對消費中所波及到的各類貨色,應分門別類,舉行定置處置,各處事區、多種貨色的寄存區,要有鮮明的標識。與消費當場無干的多類貨色,應頑強廢除展示場等。 SMT代工代料的檢驗和測定實質重要分為來料檢驗和測定、歲序檢驗和測定及外表組建板檢驗和測定等,歲序檢驗和測定中
SMT patch plug-in processing is easy to understand: capacitors or resistors on electronic products, add special machine paste, and after soldering, make them stronger and not easy to fall to the ground. For example, we often use products such as computers
In PCBA processing operations, static electricity is very harmful to sensitive electronic components, so electrostatic protection and its importance are a systematic project. The SMT processing plant must first establish and inspect basic anti-static proj
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