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    PCBA processing - what does PCBA OEM mean?
    Time:2022-06-08 Read: 59

    What does PCBA OEM mean? PCBA foundry materials are generally understood from two levels: the narrow sense of PCBA foundry materials refers to the provision of PCB boards, electronic components procurement and PCBA processing services. In a broad sense, PCBA OEM refers to providing one-stop PCBA processing services from electronic solution design, electronic product development to material procurement, prototype proofing testing, and post-production batch processing.



    The meaning of these two levels of PCBA OEM is already very clear, so we have to classify them. Classification is a step in researching things. In research, failure to categorize research objectives tends to stagnate.

    1. Technology leads

    Mainly focus on electronic solution development (or forward or reverse), electronic product design. The company focuses on the research and development of electronic products, and can also provide small and medium-sized PCBA processing and corresponding material procurement.

    2. Processing Orientation

    The company has a number of SMT chip processing production lines, which can provide efficient electronic product processing services. However, there are few resources provided for product development, and customers are generally required to provide relevant technical documents for processing.

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