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    What should we pay attention to in PCBA proofing and patch processing?
    Time:2022-04-26 Read: 141

    Before mass production, many electronics companies will conduct PCBA proofing. Customers place orders in the PCBA factory according to their own needs, and put forward relevant requirements to the manufacturers. As a pcba manufacturer, it will also be evaluated according to its own ability, whether it can accept orders. So, what should we pay attention to in the processing of pcba proofing and patch? The editor of Lekas has sorted out the following points for attention in pcba proofing and patch processing:


       1. In order to control costs well and improve the efficiency of pcba proofing, we need to carefully check some documents and proofing quantities of pcba proofing to avoid unnecessary problems in advance.

       2. In order to make the production process configuration more reasonable, comprehensive process approval is required. It is also necessary to carefully confirm the equipment packaging to avoid pcba proofing failure due to packaging errors.

       3. When pcba proofing, it is necessary to control the proofing quantity, effectively control the cost, and ensure the proofing quality. Improve the electrical performance of your products with a comprehensive electrical inspection. Before proofing, customers and manufacturers should communicate effectively to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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